Why People Often Disagree Sound of Headphones?

Everyone loves to listen the music and it is a key to relax our mind. Headphones were invented in the purpose of listening the music without disturbing others. It is an electronic device wear over the ears and it is plugged with walkman, MP3 player, mobile phones or computers for listening to the sound. Even headphones were coming with microphones that help for communication purpose over phone calls. Headphones are available in different models, various colours and lots of brands were there. Wireless headphones are also available with good audio quality. Still people were not satisfied with the sound quality of headphones.

  • Scientifically there will be difference in timing when the sound reaches at each of your ears as well there will be difference in sound levels and frequency at each ear and the headphones were built based on these measures.
  • As per research, ear canals and their shapes vary due to the sound quality may be differ in frequencies and especially ear headphones may not fit properly due to this reason.

Even the performance of the headphones depends on the fit and particularly the fit of the ear pads of an over-ear headphone with large extent around your ear can give better performance. You can experience the bass of the audio in better quality when the headphones were designed with a good seal of ear pads.

  • The bass can be less and the tonal balance can vary in headphones only in the case on any leakage in the headphone.
  • On-ear and over-ear headphones in common have poor fit and you can lose enough bass while hearing due to this.

The headphones of cheap quality can’t produce the sound in good quality and it is recommended to use some branded headphones to experience better audio quality due to this also people can feel some discourse with sound quality.

Hearing ability differs based on the human characteristics

Based on the age, gender and lifestyle hearing ability varies. The hearing sense varies when the people grow up as the people were aged the hearing ability can be low. Due to hearing loud noise or listening to sounds of high frequencies using headphones will affect the ear drums that lead to loss of hearing. Based on the studies, than women men were comfortable in listening to loud music. When the human ear often exposed to loud sound continuously can leads to loss of hearing.

Even the headphones were made perfect still people complaint about the sound quality as some people loves to hear music by increasing the bass and some would like to listen in very low bass based on their taste. This also one of the reasons for disagree with the sound of headphones.

Headphones can damage hearing

  • Using headphones for hearing music in high volume for long time according to this article can cause damage to ear drums.
  • Loud noise can affect hearing sense and it is proven scientifically.
  • While listening to music, there will be differ in frequency for each song and while hearing in high volume cause some acoustical effects to the external part of the ear, head and shoulders.

Some headphones can cause some unwanted sounds while listening as to get rid of it leading companies were implementing advance noise cancelling technology, as to reduce noise cancellation. This advance noise cancelling technology constantly measures, evaluate and counter to outside noise and it avoid the opposite signal this enables the flexible noise cancelling features so that you can enjoy music without causing any interruption and preventing your hearing sense from damage.

It is preferred to use some branded headphones as to protect yourselves from the hearing damages caused due to headphones and it is not that branded headphones will not cause damage if you use to hear music in high volume can cause damage. Than the wired headphones you can make use of wireless headphones as it functions well by producing good audio quality without causing any interruption while the wired earphones were tangled sometimes. Also hearing to the music for long time using headphones can cause damage. Using in headphones with low volume will safeguard yourselves and it will be better for your hearing ability.


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