Real Love Doesn’t Always Last A Lifetime

The word Love seems beautiful, give you a deep touch of your heart and no matter if love long lasted or it does not go far away as you imagined. There is an old saying that “people generally come in your life for a reason, a season or even for a lifetime.”

You may have thought at some point in time that plenty of people have come in your life and it was not less than a blessing for you. If you reflect back in your life for the while am sure you have had some special people in your life that you loved and they did the same, but their sudden departure makes you sad, but the memories make smile at your face.

A little about love:

There is no doubt about that, love is a very powerful feeling, transformative and beautiful, but it does mean that it lasts for several decades to have a profound impression on our lives.

We surely have had uncountable beauty, warmth, companionship, and love with a person who has spent a short period of time, and it happens sometimes when a shorter period of love remains in our hearts. The old memory of your love gives you a satisfying experience and has changed your entire experience of life compare to the relationship based on 40 years.

Have you ever had in love that helped you to grow as an individual?

Maybe you have had the whirlwind romance with the person whom you know shortly while traveling at some point in time. Are you have ever had someone special in your life whom you love wholeheartedly and suddenly something happened and you have to change your path of life. No matter what you have bear while broke up with your love and what was feeling you have had, but in my opinion, it has changed your lifestyle and left a true mark on your mind and pushed you towards the better goal of life.

Let’s suppose you had fallen in love with someone head over heels and you have faced the number of challenges. At the end of the day, you may have realized you have patience, compassion, and empathy in your personality. It has also taught you, be realistic in the terrific of living rather than making the castle in the air or just living in dreams.

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When you love someone in the relationship with the tendency of intimacy, then it will surely stand you up against the long terms wounds and you become a different personality to bear upcoming more dangerous wounds. So, it will teach both of you how to stand in life and you have learned the experience to fight with future hardships of life. Life does not end, the main focusing goal of your life, and as God said” Lord never puts such a weight on the person he can never bear. It is just a bad experience that has made you a better and toughest one to fight with future challenges. So, it does not matter how many days, years you have spent with your partner. It only depends on how much you have learned with your experience.

Remember short love is not a failure

Most of the people do believe that how much a relationship long lasted and they prefer to have a long lasted love relation. But in reality, they forget to understand the shorter love is the best experience you have ever had in order to be careful in your future life. People learn from their past and past love experience. Don’t ever think even a single time in your life that you are a loser and you have had bad guts and skills to love your loved one. Most of the people come in your life to teach you to make you learn to the best experience of your life that ultimately become long lasted until your last breath.

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“The best revenge is to move on, get over it and continue to succeed. Never give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer”

So, don’t learn from your experiences to become a better human being and you will have the right one waiting for you that loves you with such an intensity you never had before. Moreover, short terms experiences are just like a coaching academy that teaches you and guide you towards your true love. So, remember short-term love is never ever a failure. On the other hand, days and years don’t matter and matter what, the memories and the moments you have spent to gather. No one knows when you have your last breath. So, keeping this in mind nothing is permanent and constant in the world, then who you are to imagine how much time takes for true love. Love does not matter on time; it depends to be eternal and true, no matter how much time it has taken.

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