Samsung Launching New Social Networking App “Uhssup” For Easy Collaboration

Samsung Launching New Social Networking App “Uhssup” For Easy Collaboration

Samsung could unveil its own social media network website soon. There are already so many social media websites waving impressively to help people of the world. They are trying to work in a specific niche so that they can target the right people instead of wasting time and money on the wrong places. And Samsung knows this fact a lot. According to leaks and rumors, the company is working on a social network that will connect people through online maps called Uhssup. Samsung Uhssup social network will help in engaging friends and family by giving information about locations.

There are already similar services working to get people comfortable with information about places. And I would like to mention here ‘foursquare’ a big platform that lets users get to know locations of different businesses and friends intelligently; they have made a reasonable user experience.

Nowadays millions of people are making use of online social media websites. They have become even a means of promotion, the spread of information helpful and not helpful (yes, this is a fact that many people spread hate speeches in the name of freedom of speech).

Leaked reports and rumors are saying Uhssup will be more than just a location sharing app

Do we need new location-sharing service? I do love to see but a new location-sharing platform should offer us something different to use or something better than already available services. They help in knowing where your valuable friend is. They help when you forget the way home and you want to let your family know where you are. They come in handy in many situations to share and track your friends and family. It is about making the mind comfortable. In the past, we were an addict to phone calls and texts for telling someone about the current situation and location. But now things have been changed a lot. We can now easily track the cell phone locations of our valuable relations. A faster glance at the situation of loved ones gives peace to mind.

It is reported that Samsung has registered the name “Uhssup”. Apart from the sharing of locations we talked about, this will enable people to send real-time messages with the location. Just like the ‘check in’ function of Facebook, it will let your friends know where you are and you can get in touch with messages. This name is trademarked with an application detailing some functions. According to an application, it will show the current location and find locations of others; it is an easy interaction of people. More, it will be used for making a new search, transmit information, grab new information, save new information, and organize information, and more. It was also told in the application that it will be a mobile app.

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Yes, this is a fact as far as we observed that there will be a location-related Samsung app. But it was also expected to make an appearance along with Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. However, the GS9 and GS9+ have been officially introduced and there is no Uhssup. We love to adopt new things; we are tired of old technologies now. We will be appreciating if the company brings something very useful. But we, as far as, do not know when and where Samsung will make Uhssup official in the future. It is possible that the company can make a plan for its debut on IFA 2018, to be held in the second half of this year. We hope this will be something more than Foursquare and other location-sharing apps. Some features will be there to grab the attention of customers around the world, instead of already available stuff people have used in the market.

Social networks are playing a vital role in our society; they are helpful to build huge communities. They are the best source to learn about communities around the world, it does matter you want to learn about geographically or itching to know about the interest of people. Online social networks are known to enable people for sharing their wishes and views simultaneously about the world. They can even share their opinion without declaring their identifications. Millions of people are connected to each other through social networks. They spread what you cannot spread physically in a very short time. Unlike in the past, reaching millions of people is easy, this is about the top level of collaboration. Learning communities is not easy if you act through typical ways of history. But having easy-to-use tools, you can easily see what people are talking about and what they want to talk about, it is easy to see what they want to express from their heart. It leads GOVTs to work depending on the situation and take actions against the wrong activities people want to get involved in. Officials of GOVT can easily work against criminal techniques by getting involved with communities via social networks.

Social networks help in enhancing the reputation of companies too. They are acting as big online marketing platforms to reach people; they can reach the right people at the right time instead of wasting time on the wrong websites. It is easy to expand online reach to millions of people utilizing social media tools. You can easily get to know what people want and what you can do to get them happy while earning a handsome profit. It relates to concerns about business issues and improvements. They are offering appropriate ways to reach customers and even enhancing the goodwill of the company in a very short time.

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