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Social Moms Digital Parenting Tips

Parenting has never been an easy thing to do for all ages. Don’t go through the centuries; just look at the last few decades. Parents don’t allow their children to go outside alone and strictly teach them to abide by the ground rules and regulations until they become adults. Now, parenting challenges are far more complicated than ever before. Now, parents are pretty cooperative with their kids and teens and support their studies, sports, curricular and extracurricular activities by doing multiple jobs for their bread and butter. These are the primary responsibilities that make them tired, and they don’t have time for their lives.

On the other hand, technology has developed over the years, and when it has come in the shape of cell phones, it has influenced human minds. Now, the people of the world are addicted to technology they depend on technology, and their future belongs to technology. The cell phone is one of the most innovative and extraordinary inventions of modern times. It has made human life easy and provides many benefits. But it can have devastating impacts on the life of humans as well. When kids use cell phones, they need the supervision of their parents; otherwise, they can face the risks of the online world.

What is Digital parenting?

Parents need to be more vigilant about their kids’ activities in the digital world. For this purpose, parents need to understand the digital world, how it benefits kids, and the activities their kids should avoid. Digital parenting involves parents’ efforts to understand and support kids in their digital activities. Parents must be aware of the digital world and stay updated about their kids’ online world activities. Providing your kids with digital devices and not monitoring how they are using them can put your children in danger. When parents educate their kids about the digital world and its consequences, there are many chances that kids can stay away from the things that can put them at risk.

Effects on the Young Generation & Social Moms

The contemporary technology creatures such as smartphones have made us dependent, including the young generation. They talk, they walk, they walk, and they talk on their cell phone devices. They also do text messages phone calls, and play online cell phone games. Young kids and teens also download instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Viber, and many other dangerous social messaging apps. These social media platforms are prevalent among kids and teens. On these platforms, kids can communicate by sending messages, making calls, and sharing media.

The social messaging apps enable the user to interact with the people of different cultures and ethnicities. Conversely, these social networking apps have become the epicenter of online predators such as stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators, sensual content, and child abusers.

They chase young kids and teens on these online media apps and websites and interact with them in a friendly manner. After that, they meet them in real life and fulfill their dark motives.

Social Moms

When society realizes what sort of activities can harm their teens brutally, they start looking for solutions to prevent all these evils from their lives at any cost. No social moms want to see someone with their young children. We all know it is very hectic for parents to stay busy with their work for kids and teens’ bread and butter and, simultaneously, young teens from social media dangers. We will discuss digital parenting tips for social moms that will make it easy for them to do parenting effectively and effortlessly.

Digital Parenting Tips for Social Moms

Social Moms can protect their kids and teens. They just need to follow some rules and regulations and strictly tell kids and teens to follow them. If someone violates the ground rules, then make some penalties. Don’t allow cell phones or computer machines to be used for a few days. Here are some key points and digital parenting tips that can make a difference for social moms to protect kids and teens.

Keep a Friendly Environment with Children

Parents’ and kids’ good relationship with each other greatly improves parenting. When parents provide a friendly environment to kids, there are more chances that they will share every experience with their parents about what is happening in their life so that you can educate them at the right time and handle the situation before it gets worse.

Parents need to spend more time with their kids, listen to their daily routines, and support them if they are going through bad times. A friendly environment with your teens can educate them about responsible online behavior. Monitor their digital devices and educate them if they are doing anything wrong. By doing this, you can keep a secure and digital environment for kids.

Make some ground Rules.

As said earlier, parents should make some ground rules and force kids and teens to abide by them properly. Social moms usually don’t have time to look after their kids and teens all day due to their hectic work schedule in their multiple jobs. Therefore, rules and regulations within the house can make a difference. Tell your kids they have limited time for using social media and other activities on their cell phones or computer machines. Be a watchdog on your kid’s activities; it will make your kids use the digital world for the book. Whenever they are going to the book, ask them why they did it and tell them the clear consequences.

Become a tech savvy-parents

Usually, non-tech-savvy parents don’t know that kids and teens are on the wrong path while using social media on their cell phones or Windows and MAC computers. Therefore, parents should be tech savvy too. They should learn from their kids how to use social media. Social moms should learn the art of using technology. Social moms should make their social media accounts and hear kids’ activities on phone and surrounds. Social moms will be able to stop teens from doing anything wrong.

Keep yourself updated about digital threats.

Social moms should keep themselves updated regarding the digital world’s hazards for teens. Do parents need to know how stalkers can approach their children? How do online bullies make you a child, a victim? This kind of information regarding online media hazards makes moms active and responsive. Social moms will be able to take quick action against online evils.

Teach them to use Privacy settings.

Parents should teach kids and teens to use privacy settings on their social media accounts. Moms should tell teens not to publish too many pictures openly on social media. Keep your profile at the custom mod so no one can see your age, home location, or address, and your regular posts and activities except your close friends.

Be a good digital role model

Parents’ role in children’s lives is important because they are the role models for children. They learn from the behavior and habits of their parents, how they behave and talk. Parents should create clear rules about technology use and set time when kids are not allowed to use screens. Set a time when kids are not allowed to use mobile phones, such as before bedtime or during breakfast. Also, follow these instructions so that it can be easy for kids to follow. It will also help teach kids good digital habits when parents use technology with their kids and guide their children about blocking inappropriate content. Always be available to listen to children’s concerns about the digital world.

Keep devices in a central location.

Social moms should put electronic devices such as window computers or MAC machines in the room’s central location. It will enable parents to view what their kids and teens are doing.

Use a cell phone, Windows & MAC spy app.

If social moms have a busy schedule, they can use cell phone & (window+MAC) monitoring software on the target devices. It enables a user to view all the activities of kids and teens on cell phones and computers remotely. It allows users to view text messages through Text Messages Spy; they can view IM’s logs, conversations, media files, and VOIP calls using the IM’s social media spy app for cellphones and PCs.

Furthermore, a user can track all applied keystrokes and get direct access to the target device. Using its keylogger feature, users can access password-typed keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and SMS remotely. Social moms can remotely gain control of the device with the help of a remote device controller of the monitoring software. Social moms can remotely block the internet, block incoming calls, intercept text messages, and last but not least, a user can view installed apps remotely and can also make their monitoring preferences.


By creating a friendly environment and educating your kids, you can provide them with a safe environment to explore the digital world without facing risks. Cell phones and Windows spy apps make this task easy for parents, alert them if their kids face any danger, and help them take immediate action.

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