Are Spying Apps a Threat for iPhone Users

Are Spying Apps a Threat for iPhone Users?

Apple, no doubt, rules the smartphone world. Whether it is their sleek designs or that aluminum and glass body that makes the much cheap-feeling android phones look bad for us, Apple continues to be the dream of smartphone lovers. On the opposite side of this smartphone, maniacs are businessmen. These humble millionaires bought iPhones not to show off that shiny apple logo to their teenage friends. For them, the double security slogan of Apple was the green signal.

Alas! Not anymore. Not anymore because like Apple iPhones, the spying apps have revolutionized too. No more these apps need a jail-broken iPhone to function. That is the power of the spying app technology that is in use today. While it may not be a deal-breaker for common people, it sure is for the businessmen who have to make diplomatic and political-economic decisions and secret contracts.

What Am I Talking About?

There might be people out there who don’t know what jail-breaking an iPhone refers to and you might be one of them. Let me tell you. Apple runs its own software in iPhones and that is a pretty secure one. For you to be able to do things like use complex services similar to sharing Bluetooth files through iPhone or other such functions, you need to remove the restrictions from the software. This is called jail-breaking iPhones.

Why Are They A Threat?

Spying apps are a real threat to iPhone users. It is because unlike the past, the spying apps of today can function without the jailbreaking of the iPhone. It means that anyone can download a spying app like; TheOneSpy monitoring app in your iPhone and look into all your precious data; your pictures, messages, call logs, online conversations, social apps and the like.
Some spying apps are even so powerful that they don’t even need physical contact with the smartphone they are spying on. It means that if someone wanted to spy on you, he needed to get a hold of your iPhone but now, anyone can put a spying app in your iPhone sitting at his home, and it just requires some carrier information or only the phone number for someone to download an app into your iPhone.

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Why Should I Care?

It is easy to say that but trusts me, you need to. None of us wants to let anyone know our inner-most secrets, our conversations with our close friends, our pictures and messages with family, and our social apps activity. The power of spying apps being used today is unbelievable and everyone has to take care of one’s own privacy. There are a million people out there that might want to spy on you.

You don’t know even if your wife is thinking about spying on you or your employer is going to spy on you to monitor your online activity and the right use of your job privileges. Therefore, it is very important to get know-how about the use of these spying apps and their functionality so that you are better able to keep your data safe.

What Can I Do About It?

That would be the next question of your kind and we know that. What you can do is follow the following guidelines when you are using your iPhone:
Keep your iPhone updated. Always make sure that the software that is running on your phone is up to date with the company’s software. This way you will be better secure against any risks like I have told you about.
Make sure that your passwords are difficult to crack and not just a commonly used passcode.

Never allow access to the I Cloud services on your iPhone.
Keep a perfectly working app locker for your iPhone as an additional security wall for anyone who wishes to go through your apps.


Hence, time is changing, and against popular belief and established standards, the security Apple provides is falling short to keep it up with the spying apps of today. This is something of a serious issue that needs to be worked upon. So keep up with the latest technology. That’s your only chance at a secure smartphone experience.

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