Things About Cloud Backup

6 Things About Cloud Backup – You should Know

Cloud computing is one of the best creations of technology. From the word cloud, we think of the clouds in the sky, which are abundant and vast, right? Yes, cloud computing is also such a massive thing, maybe more significant than the clouds in the air. 

Cloud storage is a large chunk of room, and it is quite different from the usual storage in USB, RAM, or such storage devices. All of you must be using some of the other cloud storage facilities, knowingly or unknowingly.

Cloud computing has become an essential part of most of the It giants. You can have a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

So, now let’s know some insane cloud storage facts which will surely make you think about the cloud facility once again in a different way.

Cloud Storage in industries

Did you know that more than 90% of companies are using the cloud in 2020? In 2014 the cloud computing craze started, which only went up through the years. There are plenty of websites that offer cloud services like Dropbox, Google, etc. Websites like provide methods to access such services, that too for free. The dust has hosted almost 50% of the workload in 2018, which increased to nearly 70% in 2019.

Can you imagine the difference? The percentage is going to rise to 95% very soon. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is having a share of 32% and is the most prominent cloud vendor.

Data Access

There is one more fundamental fact about Cloud Storage. Once you store the data in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Cloud storage is backup storage. Imagine a situation in which your system has crashed? All your data is gone. What will happen? Cloud storage comes to rescue.

You could retrieve all the data from the cloud if you had a backup in the cloud storage. It saves your internal storage even. Almost some zettabyte information is stored in the cloud in the new scenario.


There is a pervasive myth that Cloud computing is dangerous and least secured. But that’s not the truth. Cloud computing is very secure and keeps all the data encrypted. In the pool of data, you can be assured your data will never be lost.

They will remain secured. Most of the service providers have increased their budget for the safety of the cloud. Although there remains a risk if people themselves do not follow proper protocols of cloud computing. The hybrid cloud, which is an admixture of public and private clouds, provides better security.

Cloud saves money

Yes, absolutely, you are reading the exact fact. Cloud saves money. Cloud computing is found to be almost 40 times more budget-friendly for medium or small businesses as compared to maintaining an IT system.

Nearly 75% of companies have stated that they were able to reinvest funds in their store with the help of cloud computing. It’s cost-effective and helping people to earn more using this cloud storage.

IoT and AI

Heard of IoT? Yes, the Internet of things.The most promising technologies in today’s fast-growing world. IoT, a critical part of our Artificial Intelligence, also uses Cloud computing to fetch data. Now let me make you aware of this fact more. Most of the IoT based applications like Home-automation,

Alexa, Siri, etc. uses predefined ideas to do its job. So, what do you think is the storage cell? Yes, it is cloud storage. The most crucial advantage is we can quickly generate Machine Learning models from the vast data stored in Clouds.

It has become an essential part now a day. As you know, it is crucial in business to predict models before any venture, so the cloud comes to the rescue. AI without the cloud is adamant. 

Banks and Governments

Banks and governments of specific places are found to be very active users of cloud computing. As you know now, mobile banking or virtual transactions has become very common among people. So, banks have grown to be one of the active users of these cloud computing. 

The government has also started using cloud storage for various purposes. There are multiple benefits of using clouds in a bank-like – more data security, higher efficiency, reduced the cost of extensive infrastructure, etc.

It’s incredible to think that one such virtual cloud can overpower a lot of things existing today. Experts believe that there will be a time very soon when everything in the world will be using cloud storage.

With the advancement of technology, the cloud is becoming a more secure and reliable hub for millions of users. Most of its service providers gain a tremendous amount of revenue from cloud computing.

A single space in the cloud can be shared by multiple users at a time. Cloud can be bought according to the users, and they get access to different things. So, It’s not very late that we will find the entire world totally into cloud computing. Hopefully, now you can think about this cloud storage in a much vivid and different way.

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