Tips on Keeping Hackers out of Your Systems

Tips on Keeping Hackers out of Your Systems

Keeping information and network systems safe from hackers and cybercriminals is a big concern for most businesses, as well as for home computers. Terrible damage can be done to the reputation of a company if their data is compromised. They can lose sales and be in trouble with the relevant authorities for letting it happen. If you want to lower the risk of this happening to your business, here are a few tips to help you.

Keep Updated

No matter what operating system you use, when updates are issued it is often to update security issues. Always install any updates as soon as you can. This applies to any software you use, including anti-virus and firewalls. It is possible to set your systems to update automatically and this can be worthwhile so that none get missed.


Change your passwords often and make sure your employees do the same. Make them as complicated as you can so hackers will have less chance of discovering what they are. Some hackers have programs that run through thousands of passwords every minute, and simple things like dates of birth will be easily found.


Phishing emails are a favorite way of getting into computer systems. You and any employees should only open emails that are from a trusted source, and should one ask for sensitive information, no matter who it is from, do not click on any links. Hopefully, your system’s spam filter will catch them and put them in the trash, but there is no guarantee and one could still slip through.


Hackers will steal people’s identity, which, of course, causes problems for you and the customer concerned. Using an identity verification service, such as the one provided by Cognito HQ, can reduce the risk of this happening. This service will enhance your security protocols by ensuring the customer is who they say they are. When users know their data is safe with you, you are likely to see an increase in sales and will need to worry less about your data protection.


Backups of your systems are vital in case hackers do compromise them. If you have a problem and can back up your systems to the previous day, for instance, the damage done could be a lot less. Using the cloud can also help with this problem as your data will still be as it was. It is still a good idea to back up your hardware though, or the damage could be disastrous.


It is wise to educate all your employees and customers regarding security matters. Let them know the type of things to look out for and that they should never open anything they are unsure about. If a message a customer receives supposedly from you is genuine, a quick phone call can confirm it. The same applies to employees that receive a message that appears to be real. Any doubt at all and they should check it out before replying.

No amount of security is a 100% guarantee that you will not be hacked, but all you can do is take as many steps as possible to try and prevent it.

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