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Few Tips For Switching to Mac OS from Windows For Beginners

Microsoft versus Apple both is best of the best operating system in the contemporary world we have come across. There are many users in modern times that want to use Apple PCs and the same is the case with the windows OS. The technology battle between Microsoft and Apple is not the new one, its wagging for decades with constant ebbs and flows based on the necessities of the market and demand of the users. Over the last few years, the interest of the users has hit towards the windows and the MAC laptop or PC. The reason behind the sudden shift towards the MAC devices is the uninspired updates from the windows. This thing has lead people to get momentum towards the MAC machines to the fullest. Here are the following few tips for switching to Mac OS from Windows:

I think! You get the point!

It would be the same for a particular user to transit form windows to MAC is almost like converting your religion to another. It would be the entire new world for a user to suddenly leave the windows and get started with the MAC computer machine. The user has to face new challenges and hurdles to come across with MAC operating system. The very first commands I fed into the desktop computer of windows was on windows 98 and now I am on MAC laptop and still facing the complexities of the command and control key on the MAC machine.

Previously if you have been a windows die-hard fan and now you are switching towards the MAC, you will surely mess up without having guidance. You are used to of Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Alt+F4 and suddenly giving up from these keys would be the storm for you. Though my experience was a little disconcerting, I want you to do the same. Now I am going to tell you a few key steps to go on the MAC journey.

Let’s Get Started with MAC

Initially, to start with the MAC, the buttons need to minimize, close and maximize a window on the very top right corner of the windows device. Is it so? On the MAC PC, similarly the buttons are on the top left corner of the screen along with, minimize and maximize in an order form left the side to right side. In case you are working on full-screen windows, the keys would be hidden, so a user has to go for to the top left side of the screen with close, minimize and maximize in an order to form the left side to the right side. In case you are working on a full screen, then the keystrokes would be hidden, so you have to hover over to the left side to access it. Furthermore, the user will have more options such as File, View; Edit is also available on a very top left side to the attached windows.

An updated touchpad

The touchpad on the MAC device would be very tricky and challenge for you to use it. But once you have gone through with it properly, it would be very smooth and sailing afterword. On another hand, there are plenty of unique gestures are there for Mac OS such as swapping right or tapping with the two fingers for a right click. If you want to press right click’ then you need to use the key Ctrl+touchpad’. You may have confusion at times taping on a touchpad and you may end up with clicking twice at the end mistakenly.

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Moreover, there are other certain gestures are still there such as pinching the trackpad with the help of your thumb and then swapping with three fingers up to get the Launchpad, now swipe three fingers from left to right between the full-screen apps, and scroll down with three fingers to app expose. With the passage of time, you will get used to of it.

Commands on Mac

Just leave all behind pressing windows keys such as Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. On the other hands-on MAC desktop keyboard, you need to remember is the command key is the true alpha. If you want to cut, copy and paste or you want to take the screenshot or perform any other task. You need to use a combination of commands’ and keys.

Install apps

On Windows laptops or desktops you just need to download the program from a website only. Furthermore, without knowing the software is malicious, you only need to know your systems have Anti-malware apps or protective software. Installing any kind of MAC app you need to be tricky, you have to visit the Apple app store from where you can install the software. Each and every single app on MAC, it needs verification process, in order to secure your MAC from viruses and other vulnerabilities of cyber-attack. Because the online attacks are on the rise and scammers and black hat hackers are always active to steal the stored on your MAC device.




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