Top 12 Different Backup Services For Business

With huge strides in technology, every form of documentation has become computerized. Business works ranging from accounts to keeping records happens in laptops and computers, and there’s a need for backup services for business. Backup services come to the rescue when systems crash and prevent business houses from losing all data.

Types Of Backup Services For Business: 

(1) Zetta:

This is a nominally priced enterprise-grade cloud back up service that stores up to five hundred TB and can quickly back up large data sets. The solution is inclusive of cloud back up service, a catastrophe recovery service, plug-ins for SQL, VMware, Hyper-V, and Net app servers.

(2) Mozy-pro:

It’s an A-grade counterpart of one of the cheapest backup solutions that yield one of the best results.

(3) CrashPlan:

It is free and offers one of the best backup solutions to systems that support Linux, VMware, Windows, and Mac. While servers get a mild effective result, large businesses seem to have one of the best endpoint backup results.

(4) Evault:

It is backed by a significant name and has appreciation among a large number of clients. It requires an appliance for backing up data greater than one TB.

(5) 1-Drive:

It allows only a backup of 1TB every week and is therefore too slow even for small businesses. However, it has a large client base in terms of pricing and support.

(6) Carbonite:

This is available at an affordable price for server backups but is preferably used for home purposes as it supports back up of only a hundred GB, thereby lowering performance speed.

(7) Data Barracks:

Supports a wide range of operating systems with an appreciable performance speed.

(8) SecurStore:

It has a great disaster recovery service and is a business-certified backup manager.

(9) BackupMyInfo:

Online backup service provided by a large number of talented young entrepreneurs.

(10) Global Data Vault:

It’s a very advanced backup service for business that provides additional attention to compliance.

(11) Intronis:

It’s a very reliable and fast and trustworthy backup provider with a strong network partner.

(12) Open Drive:

This is an A-class business backup service with additional features of file storage and synching and sharing.

Things To Remember Before Buying A Backup Service For Business Purposes

Check the performance before buying such services. The vendor should allow testing of upload speed by which you can be sure that it offers a reliable backup performance speed. Evaluate the cost you have to bear while backing up data to the cloud and compare them. Normally these backup service providers charge in terms of the amount of GB backed up monthly. Make sure your data is malware protected. Also, make sure that the backup service for business is encrypted and reliable.
The basic backup service for business should have disaster recovery facilities, in addition to syncing and sharing. Archive your data offsite so it is not accessible widely. The backup service provider should offer local-backup so that high-value data can be stored at hand as opposed to LAN. Strong backup service for businesses should enable you to backup physical and virtual servers.

What is the Need For Backup Services For Business?

Backups allow access to archives in case of hardware crashes or failures. They provide perfect storage for files no longer depended on a single device and thereby allows access from any device at any time, thereby preventing loss of data set. Backup services for business allow restoring of data very quickly and very smoothly, without much hassle. It is easier than digitally reconstructing hardware to redeem these files. The cloud is an extremely affordable backup service and there is no need for a specific location for file storage.

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