Coding has become a crucial skill that reinforces a candidate’s chances of demanding higher pay. At present, the number of businesses relying on computer code is shooting up. This has created an inclination towards the art of coding among all age groups. Everybody wants to master this art and articles from TechyHost you can learn it, without spending years on learning. 

Unfortunately, coding is not something that you can learn overnight. It requires consistent practice and hard work. Reading theories does not help you become proficient, but the application of those theories in the real world does. To facilitate the learning process, numerous apps are offering an absolute path to learn to program and excel progressively.

1. SoloLearn 

SoloLearn is one of the best platforms to learn to program. SoloLearn is a series of apps that has the most extensive collection of learning content for each language. The app breaks down the more significant learning process into quick, daily-learning chunks. It lets you start from the very basic and takes you through the advanced levels. SoloLearn provides short text modules followed by a quiz to assess your understanding and drops you at checkpoints. It conducts various competitions through which you can compare your skills with others and challenge them. These practices keep their learners motivated throughout the course.

SoloLearn has an interactive and friendly community of coders providing peer support to the learners. It allows you to engage with the experts on a particular topic in the interactive community. You can be in touch with the best coders in the city and even ask for personalized advice from them. 

It allows you to run real-time code in the free mobile code editor to turn your ideas into code at any time. The editor is smooth, and coding straight in the app saves time.

Available on Android and iOS.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular platforms to learn different stuff online. Unlike other big online learning platforms, Khan Academy is free. Khan Academy has a vast library of about 2000-3000 videos on a particular subject. This non-profit organization provides a wide range of programming language courses from C/C++, HTML to python and Ruby along with webpage designing and animation courses.

It allows you to save your videos and topics in the bookmark section and continue later. You can learn a language bit by bit with the help of a small explanatory video and get your skills assessed by completing little challenges at the end of a module. After completing a language, you can work on Khan Academy projects to refine your skills and boost your confidence.  

Khan Academy grants us an ads-free learning experience.

Available on Android and iOS.

3. Mimo

Mimo allows you to excel in coding and software skills which help you make a website, develop an app or even become an ethical hacker. It provides a vast range of courses. Based on your interests and preferences, you will be provided with a personalized learning environment. It offers a wide range of courses on C/C++, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, and other popular languages. It has a very unique and attractive interface.

Mimo does not restrict you to a particular course or language. You can proceed with as many classes you want. You can track your progress on a specific path in your profile and see how much you have advanced. Available on both Android and iOS. 

4. Encode

Encode is a specialized coding app for beginners. This app offers programming lessons in compact portions. It allows you to progress further after completing challenges in every part. It makes your gradual advancement more interesting with light-weight interactive competitions. 

The app provides full offline support mode, so you don’t have to stay connected to the internet at all times. The reason it has gained much popularity is by its minimalistic approach. You can also access advanced content by switching to ‘pro’ mode, which requires a little payment.

Available on Android and iOS.

5. Udacity

Udacity has a strong line-up of technical courses. It offers a more profound and intensive way of learning. Not all but, most of the courses on audacity are free. You can spend a little on taking up premium courses which are definitely worth the price. Premium courses in audacity offer the chance to engage with the professionals and connect with other students worldwide.

One of the significant reasons to choose audacity is, the courses offered are instructed directly by professionals from top companies like Google, Cloudera, Facebook, etc. It has strong mentor support and active discussion forums.

Available on Android and iOS.

6. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a free Google product with a convenient and real-time learning environment. It is different from other apps because it is exclusively designed for learning JavaScript. You will be learning JavaScript with fun games and exciting activities. 

You don’t have to write codes. Instead, you will be shown a few codes from which you have to select the correct code. You will be assessed by mini-quizzes after completing the tasks of a module. This app is free where you don’t have to pay to unlock any advanced or pro modes. 

Available on both Android and iOS.



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