Top 7 tend to affect small business owners

Top 7 tend to affect small business owners

Here some of the things which tend to affect small business owners and clients in today’s day and age:


Economy with the sale of pending homes falling, the housing recovery is losing; Catherine Clifford explains why America is still considered to be a strong force and one which is dominant in the area of global entrepreneurship and according to James Pethokoukis, the nation is likely to need 8 more years for it to be able to reach a stage of full employment


Derek Thompson has posed the question of what it is which makes employees work harder? Is it the fear of punishment or is it them being pampered? Unfortunately, the answer to this is monitoring devices as well as a large number of layoffs which tend to make them more productive.


George Deeb gives an explanation as to why startup incubators are able to offer more of a benefit in comparison to incubators. One of the reasons is because an incubator brings entrepreneurs with services regardless of where he/she wishes to work. It doesn’t require that the startup relocate the business to a location of an incubator, share location program or an accelerator. Furthermore, in this news, Apple is also trying its best to trademark the word ‘startup


An inventor, 22 years of age took to Kickstarter a lens to be financed; what’s special about the lens is that it can be stuck on any cell phone camera which then turns it into a microscope. It is advisable however before he wants to succeed on some crowdfunding site, he should take advice from a well-known entrepreneur in the matter. Furthermore, in finance, changes that have been proposed on the tax code could lead to putting the lending ability of credit unions to small businesses at risk.


Kara Kamenec has illustrated 5 various businesses that are targeting their prospective customers via the internet. For instance, if someone were to write a tweet containing words such as want and computer, technology brands would identify you as a potential customer and are likely to approach you with a variety of computer-related offers.

Around the country:

California investors who were promised to be given a tax break due to their investments in certain businesses have now begun to receive a large tax bill due to the court ruling rendering this practice as being unconstitutional. Furthermore, in Texas, an 11-year-old has also been found to begin his college career in Japan, startups have begun to gain a great deal of appeal due to big Japanese names now fading. Also, the e-commerce market in China is also doing well and is expected to go ahead of the e-commerce market of the United States to become the world’s biggest


Amazon has created a new technique through which developers can monetize apps. Also, there are a number of must-have apps and travel hacks which need to be known by everyone who wishes to travel

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