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Top Six Image Viewers For Windows 10

Everyone wants to capture their best moments in the form of photos. So, they keep clicking numerous pictures until they do not get the perfect picture. This leads to the cluttering of trash and duplicate pictures in your device, but you do not need to worry about it. You can even remove duplicates by using the best applications and be rid of the stress of trash cluttering in your device. Also, photos and image viewer applications have always been an integral part of laptops and smartphones. With the new and updated technology, several new apps are evolved, which enhances the user’s photo-viewing experience. These applications help manage a large number of photos with ease and provide several additional editing options. So here is the list of the six best Photo/image viewer applications for the Windows 10 in 2020:

  1. Irfan View Graphic Viewer

It is one of the best applications for image viewing. It is capable of handling all kinds of image files, including several icons like PostScript, PSD, GIF, and more. Apart from image viewing, it has additional features. Users can easily view the images in a slideshow. It also includes the advanced photo editing features, a batch file converter, and a scanner interface.

It also has several keyboard shortcuts to save user’s time and make the process easy. It is a very compact and fast application. The necessary 32-bit installation of Irfan View occupies only 2.36 MB of space while the full install with all the optional plugins requires about 16.1 MB. It is available free for non-commercial use. 

  1. Fast Stone Image Viewer

It is a powerful photo viewer application available free of charge when it comes to educational and personal uses. It includes several features like management and comparison of photos, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, etc. It supports almost all the image formats, including BMG, JPEG, GIF, ONG, PNG, TIFF, and ICO. 

  1. Xn View 

It is a speedy and intuitive application for image viewing in Windows. It includes features like image organizing, viewing and converting images and editing them. It is available in 46 different languages around the globe. It also includes all the major image formats. It is possible for free to the users for non-commercial purposes. It is very versatile.

  1. 123 Photo Viewer

It has always been one of the best Photo viewers available in Windows. Now that the tools have been upgraded to Windows 10 photos with added features, it has been equipped and enhanced. It is effortless to install and use. It is a beneficial program for anyone who needs a simple photo viewer.

  1. Microsoft Photos

It is a compelling photo viewing application. It includes features like image organizer, graphics editor, and video editor. It is available in 64 different languages around the globe and is supported by several operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, Xbox one. It is available for free with Windows 10. It now also allows you to mark up the images with drawings and also supports adding music and other 3D effects to the videos.

  1. Honey View Image Viewer

It is a high-speed image viewer with an excellent user interface. It supports various formats of image and also supports viewing the images in ZIP, RAR, or 7z files without extraction. It is packed up with all the features and options that feel almost any need. It is available free of charge for Windows PC.

This application also provides the GPS location of all your images via Google maps. The other features include moving the photos to different folders, adding them to favorites, inserting markers in them, and viewing them in slideshow format. It is available in Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 desktop and laptop pc.

Along with the above mentioned six applications, several other applications are beneficial for image viewing like Mini tool Movie Maker, ACDSee Ultimate, Google photos, Movie Photo Viewer, Apowersoft Photo Viewer, Image glass and many more.



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