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Safeguarding Your Privacy Online: Possible with VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The internet is dominating the world ever since its birth. Like food and water, the Internet has become one of the lifelines for the citizens of the world. 

From communication to entertainment, from education to sports, without the internet, we cannot progress towards the future. But the problem lies somewhere else, it is a problem which most of the internet users do not know.

Most of the time, people do not handle their data appropriately and leave digital footprints. This can be very harmful and can leave people vulnerable to identity theft and invasion of privacy.

Moreover, there are several websites that are not secured and from there, hackers and ISPs (Internet Service Provider) can track your data and intentionally can harm your privacy. 

But don’t worry! Your privacy can be saved as there’s always a solution to every problem. In this type of case, the best solution is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and that’s what this blog is about. 

So let’s gradually get some knowledge about VPNs and why it is so important. 

What is VPN and what is the purpose of it?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a network that provides a private network over a public network. A VPN allows the user to freely surf the internet for any kind of purposes without leaving any digital footprints or without getting exposed. 

A VPN channelize a particular IP address and mask the IP ID and shows a different private ID to the ISP or to the rest of the world. Thus, it acts as a protection shield for your IP address and provides a secure and encrypted connection of much better privacy than a secured WiFi Hotspot. 

Sometimes, surfing online and transacting on an unsecured website can be very vulnerable. Your personal details like banking details get exposed to hackers and your ISP can also spy on you. Therefore, a VPN will serve its purpose here to protect you from getting exposed. 

Now, that explanation leads to the next question that is, 

What Actually a VPN do?

A VPN protects your network in several ways. Such as,

Security: Providing a secured network is the main feature of a VPN. It encrypts the IP address of a user for a period of time he/she is online and makes every website secured.

Compression of Bandwidth: Before sending the data to the user, the VPN compresses all the traffic on that particular server. This allows the user to have more access to their personal data.

Access: The internet is full of restrictions as many online companies limit their services to some particular users. A VPN allows the user to roam freely across the internet, irrespective of any kind of restrictions.

How can a VPN help you?

As the concept of VPN is clear to you now, the next concern is what benefits do you get if you use a VPN service. So let’s find out in what ways a VPN is going to help you. 

Hiding Online Activities from your ISP

ISP or Internet Service Provider is a great threat to home internet networks. ISPs can track your digital footprints and can spy on you. 

With a VPN, you can get an end-to-end secure network in your home so that you can hide your personal data and browsing history from getting exposed to unwanted peers. 

Block Ads and Cookies

Online Ads and Cookies are a complex dilemma for every user. VPNs create a virtual network in which third-party websites cannot get any kind of access. 

Mask your IP Address

VPN software allows you to hide your IP Address and live location because if the intruders get your IP Address, then they can track your location, identity and can also access your personal data.

Concluding Remarks

VPNs are awesome things and if you have read this topic till the end, you will also agree with me. The tradition of using a VPN is common in recent days. So to get a better VPN service you can get help from Data Recovery Specialist.

People are getting more aware of their personal information and data. That is why they seek for any software that will secure their network and help them to surf freely.

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