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Why are Web Designers Using Greater Negative Space?

Web designers are paying heed to use negative space in the web design and when creating a layout for the website. Space is an essential element in web design if designers take good control and use the element on web design they can make good use of it. A lot goes into developing a site, knowing how to use negative space is important when creating a web layout. Many website designs are cluttered and messy, because of a lack of negative space.

Negative Space (aka white space)

Starting with the basic, there are two types of spaces: positive and negative space.

  • Positive space deals with all the elements present on your pages such as content, fonts, images, videos, and others.
  • Negative space also known as white space deals with blank spaces on the page. In other words, a negative design is a key element and if used properly it can prove to be helpful in drawing the user’s attention and providing a favorable user experience.

Space is a fundamental element in the field of web designing, it was underrated. But designers are now focusing on making greater use of negative space. It enhances the visibility and provides a favorable experience to the users, it also helps your users to navigate through the site and makes it clutter free and user-friendly. The main focus is to make it easy for the user to locate the information easily and the information should be readable and comprehensible.

This brings us to another interesting point that negative space is used in several creative fields, especially photography and simply anything that can drive the user’s attention. Not to forget space doesn’t necessarily have to be white, it can be a color, a background or even a pattern.

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Create a compelling website with negative space

Having a clear understanding of negative space is important when developing a website layout. The majority of people know how to effectively use negative space in their web design while some people don’t know however developers believe that it is a must to practice negative space in their web development. You can use the following tips to support the design of your webpage.

  • Note that negative isn’t equal to white:

Negative space might seem white in the background, but it includes non-active colors. You might have seen a popular website using light colors and they gain visibility from it. For example, the Apple website uses a blend of white and grey negative space on their website and it makes the site look interesting.

  • Go minimalistic:

Minimalism uses negative space to create focal points. You need to use a few elements to create a strong connection in the eyes of the readers. Minimalism is beneficial especially for designers who are working on content that readers can access through multiple devices.

  • Place elements in order:

Placement in the key, the elements should be placed in order of importance. You need to place the messages on the top of the page and use with balanced negative space to guide the user to access the important content before anything.

Importance of negative space:

The importance of negative space can be seen from the fact that designers are eager to implement it on their websites as it can certainly help you deliver a responsive design, a favorable experience that your readers will enjoy and will be satisfied with the work. In order to create a responsive website, a designer needs to use negative space. Nothing is better than giving your website a room to breathe and taking advantage to take your website to the next level.

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