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10 Reasons Why Windows XP is Such a Big Deal Even Today

Microsoft XP has been the most popular operating system there is across the globe for a really long time. Windows has always tried to up its game by introducing amazing operating system models and versions that work for the betterment of the individuals who use these operating systems. While Windows has introduced a number of different versions in the past, the most popular version from Microsoft has definitely been Windows XP. Different people have different opinions about Windows XP but there is a strong reason why even after so many years of its launch Windows XP still happens to be a popular choice for people. Here are some benefits that Windows XP offers.

It is compatible

When Microsoft first introduced Windows Vista, they began to push the operating system to become popular. However, one of the major reasons why Windows Vista did not gain the popularity that Windows XP managed to gain is because of the simple compatibility issues. Unlike Windows XP, Vista wasn’t that compatible and this is why it didn’t catch. Even after so many years, Windows XP is still the most compatible and user-friendly operating system there is. There is no denying that Windows XP still gives Windows 10 a run for its money. Even with the free upgrade that Windows 10 has to offer, Windows XP still remains a popular choice.

Virtual PC upgrade

The best part about Windows XP was that it came with a virtual upgrade which was not available with any of the prior versions. This means that people could now update the system simply with the use of the internet with the inbuilt auto upgrade app and an operating system that was always going to be up to date and functioning smoothly. Prior to Windows XP people had to always depend on professionals to come with a CD that could help them get the upgrade that they needed. This was difficult especially for people who didn’t have a lot of time in hand.

USB support

People today can’t imagine what it would be like without having a USB port in their system. However, prior to Windows XP, there was no USB port and this made it difficult for people to transfer data from one system to another, connect a mouse without having to install any software, charge a phone, connect their digital camera and do a lot more. The USB port is convenient, user-friendly and simple to operate. It has multiple uses and this came into existence only with Windows XP which is why people are still fond of XP. If you want to download the latest edition of Windows XP, then the Windows XP product key is helpful. Windows XP comes with features that make it easy for people to improve on their personal or professional life and save time.

A modern version of Windows

Windows XP wasn’t only about the amazing applications and user-friendly services that are provided, it was also about the appearance. Windows XP was a revamped version of the operating system that looked more appealing to the eye. While it had a lot of changes in terms of its appearance, it was still very convenient to operate unlike Windows 10. While Microsoft does not believe in experimenting too much with the complete interface of the operating system, Windows XP was definitely a revolution in this industry mainly because of a number of added features and enhanced assurance that it came with.

Long-term support

There is no denying that Windows XP was here to stay for many years. Even the support staffs at Microsoft was so well versed with Windows XP that they still managed to solve almost any of your issues without having to make you wait for a long time. This was the most popular operating system which means that no matter what goes wrong, you will always be able to fix it and this ensured that you will have a smooth running operating system.

Microsoft is committed to XP

There is no denying that Windows XP is by far the most successful operating system that was introduced by Microsoft. Microsoft knows exactly the number of fans that Windows XP has and because the number is so large there always going to do anything to please their customers. Considering that most of the customers that are loyal to Microsoft use Windows XP, you can always rest assured that Microsoft will provide you with the best service as long as you use XP as your operating system.

Convenient Integration

The best part about XP is that it is super user-friendly and this enables you to integrate multiple applications to the system without having to struggle for a long time. Windows XP is a hot favorite with a lot of IT professionals and people who deal in the technology industry mainly because they don’t have to waste too much time to install an application and make it work so that the system can run smoothly.

The First Spruced Up Operating System

Prior to Windows XP Microsoft continued to play it very safe and all the other versions that they introduced were simple and basic. It was Microsoft XP that paved the road to a more technical and user-friendly operating system that became hugely popular with the masses. The reason Windows XP is so popular is that it came with features that are very different from all the other operating systems that Microsoft offered but it was still user-friendly and made like a lot easier.

Lightweight operating system

All the other Microsoft operating systems had large files which made it difficult for people to install and implement the operating system. However, Windows XP is an ultralight operating system that comes with amazing features. While Microsoft did not compromise on the features they managed to reduce the file size considerably and this made it a lot easier for even lower end computers to run smoothly. People no longer needed to worry about their system running out of space because of a large operating system file.

Plug-in Friendly

One of the best things about Windows XP is that it is plug-in friendly. You can download as many plug-in, applications and software on the system without having to worry about whether or not it will work smoothly with this operating system.



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