How Much to Charge For A WordPress Website?

How much to charge for a WordPress website?

The website has become a must and never to miss factor for almost all of the businesses and service providers. But it doesn’t mean that they will just jump with a bag full of money to invest for a website. They do good research to develop the right website at an affordable cost. The latest reports state that WordPress websites hold around 26% of the web. Freelance WordPress developers are increasing at a good rate. But most of them find it difficult to find the right answer for the question of how much should I charge for a WordPress website since there are several development companies around them. Here are some of the essential tips that help you to decide your charge.

Avoid the race to bottom level 

It is found that most of the freelancers make a race to bottom to beat the competition. But this is not good. If some break your rates and others beat their rates, and if it goes like that, it makes the client feel that anyone can do the work. Instead, follow a systematic process to provide quality website development services at affordable rates for the clients. 

Ask the budget 

This is the best way to make a good deal. Ask the client upfront about their web development budget before you quote some rate. This helps you know the expectation of the clients in advance to make a positive move to settle the deal at good rates that is not bad for both of you. Never hesitate to negotiate the rate. Discuss the matters transparently with the client. 

Understand the website requirements 

WordPress provides you several features to build simple and dynamic websites. So, understand what type of website it is, whether it requires PSD to WordPress website code, extensions, plugins, and others before you give the final quote. This helps you a lot to complete the web development process without any issues related to the features and cost of the website.

Look at the rates other are charging

This is very important when you fix the charges. There may be several development companies and freelancers for similar services. Have a look at the rates that others charging and try to keep a balance with that rate to get the orders for you. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut down your charge. It simply means that you should have the ability to convince the client for the same charge to win the project. 

Your offerings 

Your offerings play a great role in fixing the charges. Research the offers provided by other freelancers and companies for the same charge in terms of maintenance, installing WordPress updates, and more. Not every website owner needs complex WordPress solutions. Hence offer them a package with more offers that don’t add a big difference to your charge to attract more and more customers.

Present website owners look for a perfect balance between services and solutions. Make use of these tips and do homework with researches and comparisons. There is no doubt that you will get the best answer for how much should I charge for a WordPress website.

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