Web Browsing Tips For Google Chrome

Web Browsing Tips For Google Chrome

Web browsing is not always as easy as it seems. There are many options to use, see favorites, or view history, open close tabs, reload pages, change settings and much more. There are many hidden features that people do not know of with which they can make their browsing and surfing experience even better. One of the most famous web browsers is Google Chrome. Sometimes there are settings that a parent might want to use to protect the kids from harmful websites, being a good digital parent with the use of technology can also be made easy with these browsing tips. Web browsing can be done even easier with these tips. Here are a few tips of Google Chrome that will help you browse the web in a bit more efficient manner.

Stop the autoplay:

It is quite annoying when the flash content starts playing automatically. It may reduce the overall internet speed. You can always use the material setting of chrome to prevent flash from playing until you click it.

Opening tabs in new windows:

You might know to right click and then opening a new tab feature, but this can be done even in an easier way. Just middle click the scroll button and it will automatically open in a new tab.

Closing the tabs:

Instead of pressing the close button on each tab, you can just click the ctrl+w button to close the tab. This is quite useful as the keyboard is easy to use as compared to the mouse.

Opening the closed tabs:

This may be one of the most useful tips, often time people close the tabs by accident, and they need to see the history for what they had opened. This may be quite hectic, but with Google Chrome it is not a problem, you can press ctrl, shift and T to reload the tabs. With this tip now you do not have to worry about closed tabs.

Save the file to desktop:

This may also be quite handy; many people wait after downloading and then open the file in the downloaded location, and you can create a copy of that downloaded file on the desktop easily by dragging the title at the bottom once downloaded and dropped on the desktop.

Use a Chrome VPN Extension

While Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, the tool is not known for its security or privacy. Users who would prefer Google not be able to document their online activity can prevent this with a Chrome VPN browser extension. For those interested in additional security, they should choose ExpressVPN which features HTTPS Everywhere.

Running Android apps on Chrome:

People seek to run and use Android apps on browsers or computers by installing different software. Chrome helps solve the problem very quickly. With the aid of the app run time for Chrome or also called ARC, the users can run Android apps fast. You can run almost any app.

Share the desktop screen with others:

This feature allows you to share your chrome screen with others. No need to download other software for this purpose. Chrome offers Chrome remote desktop extension that can be used for sharing the screen.

Navigating through open tabs:

This may also be very useful. If there are ten tabs opened, and you want to navigate to the tab and open it, mouse clicking is the option, but it may take a bit more time. To go one tab up or one tab down you can always press Ctrl and Pg UP or ctrl and Pg Down. Or even more, simple is to press Ctrl and then the number 1 to 9 and the tab will be opened.
With these tips and tricks, the act of browsing can be made easy. Following these tips might help you browse fast and quick manner.

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