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Mobile Phone Spy App to Protect Your Business Secrets

Business organizations over the years are very secretive especially when it comes to confidential documents stored on the company’s owned digital devices. On the other side, cell phones are these days are micro mini-computers you can save whatever you want including secret documents of your business. In addition, employees in organizations are equipped with modern technological devices such as smartphones, gadgets and laptops and desktop devices.

The company’s devices are usually being used by the employees within the working hours for multiple operations. Therefore, employers have to keep an eye on the smartphones and gadgets provided to employees to the fullest.

Because goldbricking habits of employees, stealing business intellectual property and employees even encounter with multiple types of scams being online the devices. Today, we are going to discuss how an employer can protect their business secrets on company-owned gadgets and smartphones. You can do it with a cell phone spy app that empowers you to have back up of your secret business files stored in your device and plenty of other things.

Install mobile phone spy app on your target phone

The very first strep that you need to do is to use your personal cell phone or PC browser that should be connected to the internet. Furthermore, you should visit the official web page of the phone spy app. Now you need to see the solutions and chose out of one that is a mobile phone tracking app.

 Subscribe for phone surveillance app and in response, you will have credentials in terms of password and ID. Once you have done it then further you need to get physical access on your company’s owned cell phone and get started with the process of installation.

 The moment you have crossed the phase of the installation process successfully then the very next moment you need to activate it on the target phone. However, when you are just thinking about to end up with the activation you will see a pop –up appears on the target device screen.

It simply assists you in how to hide the mobile phone surveillance software on the target device to operate a hidden phone spy app in a sneaky way. Furthermore, use the passcode and ID that you have procured through an email sent to you at your given email ID at the time of subscription.

How it works?

Now you can get access to the electronic web portal of the spy app for mobile phone where you can have plenty of high techs –tools that given you clear edge to monitor target mobile phone to the fullest to avoid scams, create back up, stop phishing attacks and as well as cyber-attacks to protect your business intellectual property to the fullest.

Use mobile phone monitoring software tools to protect business secrets

Live Screen Recording

The end user can record screen activities of their employees in real –time by using a mobile phone tracking software high tech tool live screen recorder. It simply helps you out to make back to back short videos of the screen that you can view in real –time having access to the control panel. You can perform live screen recording of chrome browser, YouTube, email, SMS, password applied and social media monitoring.

IM’s logs without rooting the cell phone

Now you don’t need to root the target cell phone device anymore. Hazels free job to do in particular and you can get the social media apps logs on a target cell phone in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared media in terms of photos, videos and last but not the least logs Voice messages of trendy social media logs.

Email monitoring

The end user can monitor sent received an email of Gmail and get to know what sort of content target employees are sending and receiving with email monitoring app for cell phone.

Text messages

You can read text messages sent received on the target device in terms of SMS, MMS and heads up notifications by using text messages spy app.

Call recording

You can record incoming and outgoing calls in real-time on target devices owned by customer care representatives in order to know how your employee is treating the clients within the working hours.

Data backup

Users can create back once you have installed a phone tracking app on the target device. The moment you have installed it all the data you can get via the control panel as a backup.


If you want to protect your business secrets then the cell phone monitoring app is the ultimate tool to get the job done.



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